The Keystone 99s meet quarterly. Most regular meetings are held at KABE (Lehigh Valley International Airport) at Hangar 7, 600 Hayden Drive, Allentown, PA. Activities include fly-outs to other airports, educational programs with girl scouts and youth groups, and social events.

Are you interested in learning to fly? Already a student pilot? We’re here to offer advice and support, help you network with other women pilots and find aviation resources in the area. Our parent organization, The Ninety-Nines International Women Pilots, offers scholarships for all levels, from private pilot through instrument, commercial, instructor and type ratings, and has formal mentoring programs and networking opportunities across the country and internationally.

We invite any girl or woman to attend an event without obligation. Women pilots holding a private, recreational or sport pilot license or higher may join The Ninety-Nines International Women Pilots Organization as a full member. Student pilots holding a valid third class medical may join as an Associate member.