Girl Scouts at Bradens – 9/12/15

On Sept. 12, the Keystone 99s partnered with EAA Chapter 70 at Bradens Airpark to introduce 32 girl scouts from five local troops to aviation. Keystone members taught sessions on preflighting an airplane, building gliders, using a compass and air traffic operations, while EAA members gave airplane rides through the Young Eagles program.

Here is Ellen Ghelardi teaching compass directions:img_0532

Nancy McCurry explaining how the four forces of flight apply to the girls’ gliders:img_0528

And Toni Marina preflighting an aircraft with the girls:img_0530

Thanks to Diana Kelly for organizing the event with the Girl Scouts and EAA, and also to Ric Carhart, Young Eagles coordinator, and the pilots who flew, including Ed Deacon and Rich Smith. Keystone 99s instructors were Nancy McCurry (building gliders and the phonetic alphabet), Ellen Ghelardi (compass), Toni Marina (aircraft preflight), Sally Moritz (airport environment), Helen McKeever and Irene Koehler. We also enjoyed a visit with past member Erna Bonstein. The girls and troop leaders asked many questions and had a great time flying their gliders, practicing ATC calls, and of course going up in a small aircraft. Hopefully we inspired a few of them to someday learn to fly.

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