Welcome to the Keystone 99s Women Pilots site!

The Keystone 99s are a group of women pilots who live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. While based in the Lehigh Valley, our members range north to the Wilkes Barre area and west to State College. We are a chapter of the Ninety-Nines International Women Pilots.

Our mission is to encourage girls and women to fly, whether just for fun or a career. Our members come from all backgrounds and professions. All of us can say that flying truly enriched our lives. Earning a pilot’s license is an accomplishment which builds confidence and opens a door to freedom and adventure. We want all girls and women to know that they can fly, too!

We invite you to learn more about us through our blog at this site, our official website keystone99s.org, and our Facebook page. We also encourage you to learn more about our parent organization at www.ninety-nines.org.